Global talents shine at World Scholar’s Cup Baku Round hosted by European Azerbaijan School

The European Azerbaijan School recently hosted the World Scholar’s Cup Baku Round, a team academic program attended by 1000 students from various schools in Baku. The event was held on January 28th and 29th and attracted participants in two age categories, the “Junior” and “Senior” groups.

The World Scholar’s Cup is a highly acclaimed academic program with participation from over 65 countries and 15,000 students each year. The Baku round provided a unique platform for the schoolchildren of Azerbaijan to showcase their knowledge and skills and have a fun-filled time.

On the first day of the event, the participants engaged in debates, sharing their thoughts and ideas, while others participated in the “Collaborative Writing” activity. The second day of the event was filled with various activities, including a collective competition where participants were asked questions on a variety of topics. Teams that answered the questions correctly were awarded medals and other prizes.

The event concluded with an awarding ceremony where students received gold and silver medals, cups, and special prizes in various categories as a reward for their two days of hard work.

The European Azerbaijan School demonstrated academic excellence at the Olympiad, with 146 student representatives earning a total of 223 gold medals, 295 silver medals, and 2 team gold cups. The teams with high results were given the opportunity to participate in the Global tournaments to be held in Doha in June, Seoul and London in July, and Bangkok in September. The students who win the global tournaments will advance to the next stage, which will be held at Yale University in America.

Overall, the World Scholar’s Cup Baku Round was a successful and enjoyable event, providing students with an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to demonstrate their academic abilities. The “Senior” category team of EAS received recognition with a 2nd place award. Additionally, teams from the European Azerbaijan School were eligible to participate in the international competition.